Corner showers are probably the most popular style of glass shower, fitting into any given corner of a bathroom.

There are four main options to consider when designing your corner shower: a walk-in with no door, a simple corner with a hinged door, a sliding door, or a corner quadrant with an angled door.

Glass liners and splashbacks can also be used to create reflection and colour. They can be a simple plain colour or digitally printed with any image you choose, including a tile-like effect, but with a grout-free surface. With our Digital Print, the options are endless and you can be as creative and distinctive as you like.

For a corner walk-in shower to meet the building code requirements, it is necessary to have a distance of 1500mm from the showerhead to the edge of the walk-in space.

In smaller rooms, we recommend using a sliding door to minimise the impact of the door opening into the room. A corner quadrant shower design (normally with a hinged door) is generally used to help maximise the floor space in a bathroom.

Full height shower screens, in combination with extraction or ventilation systems, are often used to control steam generated in the shower.

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